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Teya Summers on the other side of the camera for a change.

Hi, I’m Teya, a professional photographer based in Sussex, England. I have always been very creative and found my passion for photography after studying it at college. Since then I have worked closely with The Travel Squad, photographing their activities and events all over the UK, as well as doing portrait shoots in various locations. Additionally, I have begun photographing weddings which I thoroughly enjoy. My goal is to travel the world sharing photos and adventures along the way from a unique, surreal perspective and now my starting point is the UK. I want to encourage people to travel and see as much as they can – waiting for retirement makes no sense!

When I’m not busy with my photography you can find me hiking, cycling (anything in the outdoors really!) and writing for my blog.

Sam & Laura

Me and my partner found Teya on Facebook when we were looking for photographers for our wedding, This was Teya’s first wedding and we were delighted with the images she provided us! Teya is a lovely person and fit into our day without any issues! Teya was fantastic in communication and the build up to the day, she engaged well with the children and our guests and she was given a lot of positive feedback. Teya obviously has a talent for photography and this is evident in her work.
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