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Why I'm doing this

Hi! Welcome to my blog where I have combined my passion for photography with documentations of my travels. Whenever I’ve travelled so far I’ve kept a diary detailing my adventures for me to later read back on – and now for me to share with others! As memories are so much more valuable than possessions I really don’t like the idea that I will one day forget all these trips, the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. So, this is as much for me as it is for you. You will learn travel tips and get ideas of where to spend your time, and I will hold on to these memories for years to come.

So far I’ve ticked off the list: Scotland, Wales, Paris, Portugal, India, Thailand and Bali as well as many places around the UK.

I have soo many plans I don't even know where to start! I want to do a ski season in Canada, a working holiday in Australia, au pair in France, interrail Europe, backpack SE Asia and the list goes on... and on... and on!

There's islands to explore and mountains to climb (physical ones I mean), yet apparently there's more reasons to stay than to go. At the moment I'm still recovering my bank account from my last adventures so for now there will be local explorations and trips closer to home until the time comes when I can f*ck off to another country again.

A family member recently suggested I write about my travels - being a young female who's done more solo travelling than most my age, it would give a unique perspective. I think young people are travelling now more than ever and this lead to us talking about why. Maybe life is more precious than before, maybe AI will take over, maybe global warming is becoming increasingly irreversible, maybe we can no longer afford to stay in one place and buy a house as is suggested. Actually we definitely can't with that last one.

Anyways, here we are. Right here. And while I can't yet travel how I'd like to I will dream and plan and save and one day make it possible. Here's to reminiscing...

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